Zuckerberg denies the Facebook Phone

Marck Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, confirmed his company wasn’t working on any Facebook Phone during the company’s first earnings call. “It wouldn’t really make much sense“.

Facebook’s first earnings call was the perfect opportunity for Mark Zuckerberg to dismiss the rumor of a Facebook Phone build together with HTC. Bloomberg reported yesterday Facebook was about to reveal a Facebook Phone build by HTC and expected for the mid-2013. The Facebook Phone was supposed to be an Android Phone using some specific features developed by Facebook.

It wouldn’t really make much sense” explained the CEO, as Facebook tries to find new ways to develop the social network on mobiles with its application. The company has always been platform agnostic despite the fact that Microsoft owns around 5% of shares in the company. The rumor of a Facebook Phone has been floating around for a few years already and questions concerning this device were regularly avoided by Zuckerberg and his team.

While Zuckerberg denied the idea of a Facebook Phone, he explained patiently to the audience that Facebook was about to create its own ecosystem on mobile devices. “Facebook is the most popular application on any mobile phone. […] We don’t only want to provide applications for people, we want to create our own ecosystem on mobile phones” he said.

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[ Source : Huffington Post ]


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